Property Development

Whether you are embarking on a major residential or commercial project, our experienced property team can provide comprehensive advice and guidance on all aspects of property development.

Our team has extensive knowledge and understanding of property and development laws and has assisted developers and builders with a range of large and small-scale property projects. Our clients include developers or residential land, medium density and townhouses, apartments, commercial land and commercial buildings.

Contract Preparation

When it comes to property development, your legal documents must be carefully drafted to ensure profitable project delivery and to protect against contingencies and unforeseen events. Purchase contracts, construction contracts, finance contracts, sales contracts and other related agreements must be considered in light of the whole project and the many regulations and legislation applicable when developing property.

Our property team can assist you with:

  • site acquisitions and due diligence;
  • stamp duty advice and Growth Areas Infrastructure Contributions;
  • drafting and reviewing joint venture and development agreements;
  • preparing off the plan sales contracts, conveyancing and reporting;
  • Section 173 Agreements;
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating construction contracts;
  • structuring and finance
  • plans of subdivision and owners’ corporations.

As you would know, property development can be very profitable but comes with high risk. It is complex and requires an understanding of many interrelated areas of law.

Be informed with both practical & legal Advice

Our lawyers have expertise in property, construction, conveyancing, contracts and commercial matters. We also have a practical understanding of the importance of timing and streamlining processes to ensure delivery of a profitable project. With so much at stake and the potential for the smallest issue to become a major roadblock, it is essential for you to have an expert on hand from the beginning of your project.

In our experience, developers want us to identify issues which they may not have considered, and to provide practical and effective solutions to problems. We believe in becoming part of your development team, accessible and responsive to your needs.

If you need any assistance contact one of our lawyers at [email protected] or call 03 9613 6555 for a no-obligation discussion and for expert legal advice.