Family and Relationship Matters

Separating from a partner can be traumatic with many practical and financial considerations. A break-up places stress on our emotional wellbeing and decision-making capacity – getting advice early is important to ensure you reach the best possible outcome in your circumstances.

At Septimus Jones & Lee, our Family Lawyers are focused on helping individuals safely navigate through complex issues. Our highly skilled lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of Family Law and can advise you about the following:

Children’s matters

  • Who a child will live with and/or spend time with after separation, including the rights of non-parents to spend time with children;
  • Parental responsibility to make decisions about major long-term issues concerning children;
  • Relocation matters and Child Abduction;
  • Paternity Disputes.

Financial matters

  • Your entitlements to property settlement at the end of your relationship;
  • Negotiating out-of-court settlements with your partner or spouse;
  • Division of assets including reviewing complex trust structures, interests in private or public companies and interests in businesses;
  • Tax effective settlements;
  • The impact of bankruptcy on family law matters;
  • Splitting superannuation interests including self-managed super funds;
  • Asset protection strategies including Financial Agreements entered into before, during and after your relationship ends;
  • Injunctions to protect the dissipation of assets.

Child Support

  • Setting up and enforcing Child Support Agreements;
  • Periodic support departure orders.

Intervention Orders

  • Representation at hearings in the Courts.


  • Divorce applications;
  • Advice as to your rights and the time of separation